Sitter Fees

St Albans Sitter's is a referral service to connect local Sitters to local families. Once the Sitter arrives at your house the referral service is complete and the private service continues between yourself and the Sitter. 

The babysitters will receive 100% of their hourly rate on the night keeping this a referral service you can trust.

Babysitter standard rate 16-18: £7.00 per hour

Babysitter standard rate over 18: £8.00 per hour

Own car & transport home: +£1.00 per hour

Paediatric First Aid trained: +£1.00 per hour

Over 10 years experience with children: +£1.00 per hour

Minimum charge - £20

Nb. Babysitters without transport home will require you to organise a lift home.

Special Requests

This Service is designed for 'Babysitting' which assumes the service takes place in the evening/night time. 

Should you require something different, Sitter rates may vary from the above rates and will be discussed with the individual Sitter depending on the booking request.